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On a very cold day in March I woke up without heat.  My initial reaction was absolute panic.  My husband was out of town and I had no idea how to get the heat back on.  I called Boudreau's Heating and Jeremy arrived minutes later.  He diagnosed the problem, made recomendations about the best way to fix it and had our heat back on in no time.  I was relieved to get it taken care of so quickly and professionally. Thank you Jeremy and Boudreau's Heating! 
Sallyann M Cote-Vassalboro ME

Recently contacted Boudreau's Heating to receive estamate and advice on abtaining a new hot water heating system...Mr Boudreau was wonderful, very knowledgable and suggested a unit for us...we also had another estamate done, Mr Boudreau SAVED us a substantial amount of money....we purchased the system he heating system, hot water system and new oil tank...Jeremy installed the entire system in 2 days....we have more hot water than I ever daughter who lives below me can now take a shower at the same time as I...she can also be doing her laundry and we can either bathe or shower at the same time that laundry is being done...we mentioned to Mr Boudreau that when doing laundry or shutting off water to tub we had banging pipes...he investigated and stated we should have a cold water expansion tank placed which we did, no longer have banging pipes of any kind...We are extremely happy with the service we received and the system we purchased...We would strongly recomend Boudreau's Heating to everyone...Thank you Jeremy...
Linda-Waterville ME

"I'm happy to recommend Jeremy Boudreau as your heating specialist.  Jeremy has a level of expertise regarding his trade to handle jobs large and small.  I appreciate that Jeremy is professional, organized, and hardworking. He pays close attention to details and is very neat, leaving things clean when he is finished. I am most impressed that Jeremy returns calls and keeps his time commitments, which is so lacking these days.  I'd like to also note that his rates are competitive.  Don't hesitate to call Jeremy for a quote."
Nancy- Winslow ME

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