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Installation of Oil, Propane and Natural Gas Heating Systems.

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Whether your oil, propane, or natural gas furnace or boiler isn’t working as well as it used to, or you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, Boudreau’s Heating has all the heating equipment your home needs. Click here to request an appointment easily on our website, or keep reading to see what you should consider when requesting a furnace or boiler installation from your local Heating specialist.

What to Consider for a New Heating Installation:

1. Do You Currently Run a Furnace or a Boiler?

If you already have a furnace in place, your home’s ductwork is prepared for your system to be replaced with another furnace. If you have a boiler, the piping will work with another boiler. It’s much more cost effective to stick with the same method of heating your home was built to use, rather than converting the heat-distribution system.

2. Do You Have a Manufacturer Preference?

If you were satisfied with your old equipment (or if you weren’t!), take note of the brand name. Was it a Bosch, Utica, or HTP system? Let us know! While we are experts at equipping your home with an excellently manufactured heating system, we are always happy to accommodate your home comfort equipment requests.

3. How Much Heating Capacity Do You Need?

A larger furnace or boiler can heat more zones (or floors) of your home. A small apartment may only need the furnace or boiler capacity for one zone, while a large home may need the capacity for two or three. If you’re not sure, we offer free estimates!

4. Consider Your Fuel Source & Efficiency

Do you currently use oil to heat your home? What about propane or natural gas? We can install a heating system that uses the same fuel, or switch to a different fuel source if you prefer. Whether you use oil, propane, or natural gas to heat your home, the efficiency of your home heating system is going to make a significant impact on your annual fuel bills.

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